Italy Special Olympics Games,  in Biella - 2017

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In Biella, the Special Olympics Summer National Games of 2017 took place from 3 to 8 July 2017

The event develops in three stages, one for each city. From May to July, over 3472 athletes, with and without intellectual disability, will compete in 20 different sports and multiple specialties proposed. Swimming is the sport with the most athletes in the race, and is offered in two stages. In addition to Italy, athletes from 20 foreign countries will also participate in the event, which will give  internationality to the event. The first city-stage was Terni, 10-14 May. Subsequently, 11-15 June was the turn of La Spezia and from 3 to 8 July the competition will be in Biella.

In the third stage, eight will be the disciplines that the athletes will face: swimming, swimming in open water, bowling, horse riding, volleyball, rugby, bowling and sailing.
In Biella, the Olympic Games Torch will arrive on July 4th, and at that point, the tripod will be  switch on  at the "La Marmora-Pozzo" stadium. The opening ceremony will take place on July 4th at 8.30 pm at the "La Marmora-Pozzo" stadium.

The event is open to everyone!

Here are the images of the opening ceremony of the                       Special Olympics Italy 2017 in Biella !!

The opening ceremony for the 33rd edition of the Special Olympics begins !! Every seat has been occupied before the start of the event. Lots of people, continuous applauses, fireworks, shows and athletes, have colored the evening now considered "the event of the year" for the city of Biella.

Margherita Granbassi was the godmother of the Special Olympics; Margherita obtained the title of world champion in foil and the bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Here are some images of the athletes' parade!

And ... lots of music, dances and shows!

The Special Olympics Torch!

The athletes entered with the Olympic torch, escorted by police on motorcycles.
The five Olympic circles were then lit; the 5 circles represent the five continents

The oath of the athletes

And in the final part of the ceremony, fireworks were launched!

... Ancora fotografie!

The stadium of Biella La Marmora-Pozzo

The athletes show !

The athletes Biellesi, with yellow jerseys, for this reason  nicknamed "the yellow river".

 The entrance of the flags

Towards the end of the ceremony the flags were introduced: the European flag first, followed by the Special Olympics flag and finally the Italian flag. Subsequently, all the spectators sang the Italian national anthem of Mameli

The fireworks!

Ecco le immagini dello stadio dove si è tenuta la manifestazione

Nella mattinata del primo giorno di gare, le discipline affrontate sono state: BOCCE, al bocciodromo comunale, VOLLEY alla Palabonprix e NUOTO alla piscina Rivetti.

Gara di bocce

Gara di volley