The paintings of K: communication through painting

Original abstract contemporary modern  painting  - My technique and artistic expression

What is painting? Difficult to say, because for each of us represents something different and unique from all other things.

Painting does not only mean overlapping color on another, on a canvas or on a sheet. It means emotion, feelings, color ... and everything one thinks it is!

Each person has his own style to paint: look, for example, Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas and other artists to see how many different ways you can paint, and then ... Well, at that point it is up to you to decide how to proceed with painting! Take canvas and brush and realise your emotions, and above all, dare with the color!  More colored will be the picture,  better it will be ... but be careful to use colors that are juxtaposed with each other, and not totally different! At the beginning, if you do not get inspired right away, do not worry. Even me sometimes ,I don't not know as begin, and so, I start to look at some pictures of paintings on the internet, you will see that the inspiration will start to feel. And if you do not like the picture you are painting, or you understand that you could have done better, do not despair, it happens, and at that point, I do not know what to do either, but I usually give up the work I am doing and I dedicate to something else, or, over the first coat of color (the one I did not like), dried, I do another with different colors and with what I think is more appropriate to make the picture at that time, in that style .
Painting, for each of us, represents something different. Here, for me it is a communication technique.

<<  Why don't I try to painting one instead of looking only other pictures ? >>

 Well, at first the results were not great, but after some time, I'm learning this beautiful art. "Learning", however, is not the right word, because everyone has his own style: a person can paint modern paintings or continuously paint the same subject only in various ways. My style, however, is not yet defined, but I still have to find it, and I need to experiment to understand.

So, for those who want to start this hobby, I recommend to have patience, but also many brushes, canvases and acrylic colors. I mainly paint with acrylic colors, because they are very bright, and my paintings must be just like that: bright, alive!
I'm experimenting various styles, to find mine. In the last weeks I am passionate about abstract painting, and with this term I mean "action painting", "dripping" and more. For those who do not know, dripping is a technique that the painter needs to express his soul, which consists in dripping, with a dry brush or a laundry jar, color on canvas.
Abstract paintings are hardly interpretable. Abstract art is born to deny reality, and the only important elements in that moment are the colors, the shapes of the brushstrokes and the light. Even if we do not notice it, the world is full of abstract representations: just pick up a child's toy, or a special gift card.

Sito in rifacimento.

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