Giro d'Italia, one of cycling's Grand Tour races. (Biella)

Images and photos of the cyclists during the "Giro d'Italia 2017" race in Biella.
Departure from Valdengo, the day after

Giro d'Italia 2017
Giro d'Italia 2017

The umpteenth attack on the PANTANI Mountain finally sees winner of the "maglia rosa", the Dutch Dumoulin. After a tiring climb, he triumphed at the sanctuary of Oropa, beating for three seconds the Russian Zakarin, with whom he had a head to head finish.

Here are some pictures of the tour, before the ascent to Oropa. Do not miss those of the start of the 15th stage in Valdengo!

Partenza 15° tappa Giro d'Italia da Valdengo