Naples - Italy

Naples: a city of perfumes, colors and lots of emotions! Below, a photograph of the city, to be exact, a street of the Spanish Quarters.

I stayed in Naples 5 days, and I must say that there were some things that really excited me, like the majolica of the cloister of Santa Chiara, or the street of the cribs, or those pastries ... What a delicious smell! Sfogliatelle, BabĂ , Pastiere, and so on! The streets of the city were colorful, not to mention the subway stations, real works of art, the most beautiful is that of Toledo. I also had the opportunity to go to visit the archaeological site of Pompeii, many ruins but still some old domus restructured, ... Unfortunately they are not always well preserved, but those that are wonderful, such as the Villa Dei Misteri, of which you can see a photo in my photogallery.

Here are the 8 shots that I have chosen for you.