The word "art" derives from the Latin ars, and means possessing a skill in doing something. Art is a creation that expresses and inspires emotions through colors, lines, sounds and words. It is not enough that it is something beautiful: it must transmit and communicate something to the viewer. It does not have to be a beautiful or creative thing, because there is not a model that says how art should be.

Art can be considered as a means of communication that uses the artist to express himself and at the same time also make him understand who looks at his work. It helps you feel good while you look, discover and understand new things and become aware of surprising stories and stories. But above all, it helps us to get to know each other better, making us reflect on our daily lives.

Often the word ART is associated only with painting, pictures, but it is not a correct definition. Today art also means photography, sculpture and other production techniques.